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Are you a IT manager with a project that will last less than a year or just a couple of months? You may want to consider a short-term rental of IT hardware instead of a purchase or a lease. What are the benefits of renting Cisco equipment over a lease you ask? The biggest benefit of renting hardware, compared to leasing hardware is the period of use. In terms of time, a rental period is for the use of equipment for 1-year or less and a Lease is anything longer than a year. Unlike a Purchase, the other benefit from renting hardware and Leasing comes from using the equipment not from ownership, no depression of value.

Authorised reseller will not typically offer Rentals. The main reason is they are only interested in the sale of new equipment, not reselling refurbished or returned hardware.  

DDSA business model is of purchasing back and reselling refurbished Cisco equipment. Hence makes us a good resource for supplying Cisco and other network hardware for periods of less than 1 to 12 months.

Reasons to rent:

Benefits of renting:

Why rent from DDSA?

How do I rent my Cisco hardware?
Simply Email with your hardware requirements and time periods. For a competitive rental quote.

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