Service Level Agreements

We offer SLA’s from 24x7x4, 24x7xNBD, 8x5xNBD or NetUP at site

To meet the specific needs of your organization, every solution is customized. Regardless of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) you opt for, you will receive high-level support from reliable experts.

Flexibility of Services

DDSA offers you the flexibility to tailor the service level according to your specific needs, ensuring that you only pay for the services you require. Through our renewal program, clients can enjoy cost savings with each renewed contract, receiving discounts as a benefit of renewing their agreements.

Reduce Expenses & Extend the Lifespan of your IT gear

Cut down on excessive OEM support fees and reduce costs by 40-80% when handling your OEMs. Extend the lifespan of your hardware to maximize Return on Investment (ROI) and postpone capital expenditures for new equipment purchases, all while maintaining optimal hardware performance and uptime.

Major Brand that we support

Reduce your overall maintenance costs by a minimum of
40% and up to 80% and make significant cut downs on your supply and
administrative tasks as well.

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Privacy Preferences

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