We offer competitive pricing on New and Refurbished Juniper switches. 

Our Refurbished Juniper Switches include Rack Mounting Hardware and Power Cord, and are ready to install out of the box.  In addition to offering extremely competitive pricing on Refurbished Juniper Switching Products, we also offer a full 1-Year warranty for End Users on all Refurbished Juniper products. We also maintain a very large standing inventory of the most popular Juniper Switch models and accessories, 

Juniper Switch

  • EX2200 Series
  • EX2200-C Series
  • Cisco 3900 Series​
  • EX2300 Series
  • EX3400 Series
  • EX4200 Series
  • EX4550 Series
  • EX4600 Series
  • EX9200 Series
  • QFX5100 Series
  • QFX5200 Series

Juniper Router

  • MX5 Series
  • MX10 Series
  • MX40 Series
  • MX80 Series
  • MX104 Series
  • MX150 Series
  • MX204 Series
  • MX240 Series
  • EX480 Series
  • MX960 Series